Selling door to door

selling Avon in the traditional way


If you have been allocated a territory of streets in your area to call on then you will be selling Avon in the traditional way, door to door.
Depending how long ago there was another Representative in the area and whether customers found her reliable or not, this may influence how you are received when you call.
If you can, when you first drop brochures round to the houses in your area try to introduce yourself to explain that you are the new Representative and that you are just starting up. You may want to ask a few general questions:
  • Have they bought Avon before?
  • Have they seen the adverts on television?
  • Where do they normally buy their cosmetics and toiletries?
Talk about the amazing value that Avon offers and how free delivery to the home saves the cost of petrol, parking or bus fares to go into town. You may also want to mention the Avon guarantee, which allows a customer to return a product if they don’t like it, even if they have tried it.
Offer to leave the brochure with a customer order slip, explain when you will be round to collect it and when any items ordered will be delivered.
Even if they seem reluctant you may want to suggest that they might have friends or other people in the house who would like to take a look with no obligation to buy.
Whilst some people may greet you like a long lost friend, others may be less positive, and others may already be buying but through a Representative in their workplace. Unless you get a definite request never to call again it may be worth persevering for a couple more campaigns – they may just be testing out if you are reliable and will come back when you say you will.
It is inevitable that some people will reject the opportunity to buy Avon, so be prepared for this – they just don’t know what they are missing!
It may help to persuade a friend to go round with you initially – you will cover the territory faster than way, both get some exercise and if you do get a rejection it is easier to laugh it off if you have someone to share it with.
Don’t be disheartened if the first time round you don’t get too many orders – you will probably find that your network of family and friends will keep you going until you can build up your territory orders – and of course you can take the brochure to work, the children’s school, the gym etc.
If you do not currently deliver brochures to homes in your local area, you could give it a try! Talk to your Upline Sales Leader to see how they can help. Some homes may not have seen an Avon brochure for a long time, making them your prime target!
Guidelines on leaflet distribution
Representatives must not under any circumstances post adverts on lamp posts, telephone boxes or any other council property. This is called fly posting and can lead to prosecution.
Representatives must apply for the relevant licence from their local authorities should they wish to distribute leaflets/brochures on any council land (other than homes). To do so without permission is illegal and can lead to prosecution.
‘No cold calling’ zones
The subject of ‘no cold calling’ zones regularly receives media attention. Understandably, this issue can cause confusion among Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders. Please be assured that these zones are not a threat to your business. The Trading Standards Institute has always insisted that ‘no cold calling zones’ are aimed at combating rogue traders and are not intended to target reputable companies such as Avon. Avon is continuing to work with the Office of Fair Trading and the Trading Standards Institute to find alternative ways forward to help combat rogue traders.
Representatives are not legally restricted to visiting customers in these zones or from delivering a brochure or calling to collect it. Please request the wishes of those householders who request that you don’t visit in future or those who specifically have labels or stickers on their property asking you not to call.
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